you could have it all

This past May, Miss Naomi Campbell turned 40 years old! To celebrate, she DID NOT throw anything except maybe a party. Interview Magazine was there to capture the birthday girl celebrating her 3 favorite things:


Them mens


Just kidding!

She loves diamonds!


patience and reflections

Having been bombarded with emails and borderline death threats (ok well thats not true- but here's to wishing!) I know you have missed the genius blogging that is Big Ass Hair! As you clearly have noticed, because you pay SOOOOOOO much attention to us, we had to take a little break. Too much genius can make ones' brain combust if not properly handled.. Thanks for being patient with us...good things are on the horizon!

p.s. honestly... I was really just busy poofing my hair- takes longer than you'd think..

daddy, daddy, daddy

all around the world

where is autumn


that's a long tongue you got there

This doggy from Texas named Puggy, now holds the Guinness World Record for having the longest doggy tongue on the planet. Guinness says that Puggy's tongue measures in at 4.5 inches, almost as long as his body.

He's like super famous, he has his own website.. At first I felt bad for him.. It looks really uncomfortable and I bet he gets lots of inappropriate comments on the daily- then after seeing how much attention and biscuits he gets and I quickly changed my mind...


i can change if it makes you fall in love

tell me a line make it easy for me / open your arms / dance with me until I feel all right

it's good in the dark, good in the dark / but into the lover's light, here comes another fight

so ring the alarm, ring the alarm / bar me and hold me and cling to my arm / here it comes, here it comes

and what you're asking me now, disastrous now / hoping and hoping and hoping the feeling goes away

never change, never change, never change, never change, never change, never change, never change

this is why I fell in love / That's just too up there in love with

this is the time the very best time , so give me a line and take me home ... take me over

dashing the hopes dashing the hopes and smashing ... the pride

the morning's got you on the ropes...

and love is a murderer but if she calls you tonight everything is all right / And love is a curse shoved in a hearse

love is an open book to a verse of your bad poetry and this is coming from me

turn on the light make it easy for me / fill the divide fumble in the kitchen til it's right... what an awful sight

but there's love in your eyes... but maybe that's just what your lover finds

all night

But I can change

I can change

I can change I can

I can change


If it helps you fall in love



i wear this city the way you wear a scar

the world ends without you

In the film The World Ends Without You, a tribute to the late Alexander McQueen, a mysterious woman takes to the streets of the city and finds herself in a chance paranormal encounter. My lovely and talented friend Robertino Fonseca is showing this piece as part of the Downtown Los Angeles Film Festival as part of their Shorts Program, this Sunday at Noon O'Clock!

There is even a small and debut of yours truly... I'm the one with the BIG ASS HAIR that was created by my talented and inspiring friend Carlos Ortiz!

The World Ends Without You

I am also looking forward to checking these ones out too...


How Weed Won The West

Buy Tickets Here and show your support for those people who are getting out there and continuing to make art!!

i'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way... - jessica rabbit


"Once upon a time there was a girl I knew...

Who lived across the street

Brown hair

Brown eyes

When she smiled, I smiled

When she cried...

I cried...

Every single thing that ever happened to me that mattered

in some way had to do with her...

That day Winnie and I promised each other that no matter what, that we'd always be together.

It was a promise

full of passion

and truth and wisdom

It was the kind of promise

that can only come from the hearts

of the very young."

-Kevin Arnold, The Wonder Years