teach me farsi jon bon jovi!

Ok.. so there is this really famous Persian singer who goes by the name of Andy. Actually, he has been donned "The Iranian King of Pop"...with 15 solo albums under his belt, I guess it's not that far of a stretch.

He started in as one half of the now infamous band ANDY & KOUROUS and made this song a Persian party anthem... 90 or 9 years old, pregnant, ability to walk or not, even those that don't speak the language somehow end up jumping up and down when this song comes on!

andy & kouros :: niloufar

The video is amazing!


parents can be SO embarrassing!

Courtney Love is on the interwebs communicating to the world, some gibberish, about/on little Bean's 18th birthday...Yeah, she's 18 now... let it marinate.

YEP! Your're THAT old!!

You know the running fact that parents figure out the words that were cool (or groovy or awesome, which I still proudly use, or hip or tits- i guess is a new one ) and just never let go of it. So, these days, the latest technology equivalent to this used to be text. "Dude, my dad just texted me, weird!" Then it was Facebook. "Dude my mom just added me to FB... I can't be her friend! WTF?!" Now, apparently, thanks to Courtney, I see that Twitter is the newest way to publicly humiliate your children.

I am fortunate to say that all my mom made me do was kiss her on the lips...

but years went by and I never heard you cry

cats on fire :: tears in your cup

i just want to hold you, i don't want to hold you down

graham nash / david crosby :: simple man


baby girl don't cry mama's gonna buy you a glass eye and it will shimmer like starlight

The woman speaking farsi in the background gives me chills.. I remember being a child embarrassed for having a "funny name" but super proud to be unlike the masses.. at least in Maine, at that time. I used to find it so frustrating being the only full English speaking delegate in my family... it was always farsi over English for those that spoke both languages. I learned to read people: their gestures, body language, tone, where their eyes locked when speaking. All in all I am trying to convey that I am super smart and can read you like a book... watch it.

Anyways, farsi is a very throaty language, not as tight and strict as German but not as free flowing as, say... the French or Italian
languages. I have never really considered it to be "pretty".. The woman in the background says, "If we laugh, it is the laughter that comes from tears..i have no more tears...I think to myself, I will never see my home." It's extremely beautiful.

cocoarosie :: R.I.P Burn Face

sometimes all a girl needs is an apology..

kisses :: people can do the most amazing things

this band..this sic/ridic/blhdsjdsjdhiu ick!

chew lips :: solo

gayngs :: cry

This LA based band, Active Child, has some incredible synth sprouted from solid piano chords making our hearts reminis over lullabyes and acid. That's talent right there!

active child :: she was a vision

magic kids :: hey boy


you're the best thing in my life but until you start believing in yourself, you ain't gonna have a life...

Paris based photographer, Mr. Shama has a natural gift of invoking some raw emotion with just a click. I love his portraits and his black and whites. Check it out and let me know whatcha think!