america is that girl with the weeklong birthday, huh?

It's the 4th of July weekend and my heart aches for home...or maybe just my childhood.

I would give up my shoes for a weekend on Sebago Lake, the place where I spent every summer of my life for 18 years.

Maybe I am just older and vie for careless days where my biggest stresses included getting in the cold water for a swim and which Dairy Queen Blizzard ingredients I was going to pick for the drive home (our family tradition)... Damn! I just realized how my pretty effing amazing my life was! I'd be jealous!

I don't know if it's because I am a "grown up" or just being far from family or just that Los Angeles is not too 4th of July friendly. Yeah sure, we all celebrate the 4th with the same basics, but it seems more organic back there, here... its just a lot of "What's everyone doing?" and "I don't know man...something?"s ::

What I know of the celebratory summer kickoff holiday usually involves the outdoors... Camping is always great- but out on this left coast...there are like, poisonous bugs and snake...back home... the worst thing that'll bite you is a mosquito. Me scared.. EEK!

We Bbq and EAT tons, but at the lake NOT by the pool

In Maine, though, summer outings usually include a Lobster Bake. MMMMMMMMMMMM deeeeeeeee LISH!

East-coasters go swimming... but in lakes NOT in pools.

THE BEST is when it lightly rains for a few minutes and then the sun fights its way through to become victorious! Did you know that lake water gets super warm when it rains? Its amazing!

In most cities, there is one place, one amazing dramatic unforgettable firework display that sometimes go on for 30 minutes, where everyone shows up, in herds, we're talking half the state's population, either by foot, car or by boat in the harbor

Since moving to Los Angeles, I have caught my last 4 years of fireworks shows en route home. You can around 30 mini-firework shows on your drive downtown on I-10 just around 8pm. On each sides of the highway.. It really effs with your peripheral vision, but I take what I can get!

I'll just find a puddle by the LA River and pretend it's the lake- can't forget my snorkel and water noodle!

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