ohhhh.... what shall i wear

Lately I have been seeing modernized vintage looks and thinking to myself , "ooooooooh la la! me likey, me wanty, me need it!!!!"

a la Vogue Spain Aug 10


Maybe because I am an 80's baby and it all goes back to those sheer undershirts and nighties and slips I saw in my mommys' closet... but I simply adore see-thru. Its very elusive and can be sexy if worn right ...

courtesy of mr. newton

These headpieces by Little Doe are incredible!

Anyone who knows me, knows I am striped obsessed. If zebras came in navy blue and white, trust that I would have a farm of them!

not to eat or anything, just to match my outfits... do people eat zebras?


Bold Lips! I have never been able to pull this off.. they say it's all about finding the right shade, in my case, it's all about keeping it on my actual lips and NOT my face and teeth. That stuff just won't stay in one place!

Big Ass Bows ::

Layered rings:

shown by the near perfect Abbey Lee Kershaw

And just because I couldn't get enough, here's more sheer trends as shown in China Vogue by Natalia Vodianova ::

I gotta shop now.. have a great weekend pretties!


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