you are so vintage

A couple of months ago, I rediscovered this camera bag I had hidden amongst my many memories that I absolutely REFUSE to part ways with. goes way back- I lugged that crap all the way across country. I forgot half of my furniture and clothing, but you best believe I have every journal from age 6 on up, every pen-pal/birthday card/love letter from age 1 on up, and of course, DUH, I didn't forget to bring random souvenirs collected by myself/friends/immigrated family members, that have no place so I have to pay extra for storage just to contain my random, yet somehow, necessary belongings!

Anywho, I bought some film (which apparently I needed to explain how to load it to a couple 20 year olds *sigh) loaded those babies up and this is what I came up with. I def need to clean those lenses...oops!

I couldn't tell if this guy was super hip or just homeless... either way, he is TOTALLY my girlfriends' type!

'oh yo-ko...'

'...your love will turn me on'

this little guy was found by my friend Erik in a CVS parking lot... part of his tail was missing. Poor little guy found a wonderful home.

a new meaning behind the whole "sports is a religion" concept...

home sweet home

this is next to my bed... which reminds me! I am sleepy...zzzzzzzzzz


z zzzzzzzzzzzzzz z zzz zzzzzz z


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