parents can be SO embarrassing!

Courtney Love is on the interwebs communicating to the world, some gibberish, about/on little Bean's 18th birthday...Yeah, she's 18 now... let it marinate.

YEP! Your're THAT old!!

You know the running fact that parents figure out the words that were cool (or groovy or awesome, which I still proudly use, or hip or tits- i guess is a new one ) and just never let go of it. So, these days, the latest technology equivalent to this used to be text. "Dude, my dad just texted me, weird!" Then it was Facebook. "Dude my mom just added me to FB... I can't be her friend! WTF?!" Now, apparently, thanks to Courtney, I see that Twitter is the newest way to publicly humiliate your children.

I am fortunate to say that all my mom made me do was kiss her on the lips...

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