certainly, i'm indebted baby

Vanessa Paradis has intrigued us for some time...ever since she got knocked up by Edward Scissorhands, the female population of this country has been wondering who the hell this Parisian chick is that stole their opportunity to be a baby mamma to Captn' Sparrow..

Our new theory here at BAH (hahahaha...BAH! that's funny) is ::

"If in youth, it gave you a complex/insecurity/hard-ship, it'll probably be your major outstanding asset in adulthood... own it!"

Check out those choppers, bet she didn't have the best go with those guys in 4th grade, now look!

She has a good body and some decent side boob profile action...

Karl loves her too (she's kind of a big deal).

AND! She's been a pop star since the age of 14... How well she has mastered her craft is for you to decipher...

vanessa paradis :: be my baby

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