in a galaxy far far away

Star Wars Begins, a new 14-part fan-made documentary, available free on YouTube.

The 1977 movie is reconstructed in full, using lost footage, alternate takes of scenes, and narration taken from audio recordings of interviews with actors and behind-the-scenes crew.

Skipping around the ten-minute clips, you'll find gems like an alternate Cantina sequence, featuring a gorier bar brawl (not only does that drunk alien lose his arm to a lightsaber, but his head goes, too).

All that, and Han gets some action from a female patron.

Despite the geekier material, it's a fascinating look behind the scenes of a very risky Hollywood production — especially when studio execs demand that scenes of Luke and his friends are cut for being "too much like American Graffiti in space."

Watch it now, before Darth Lucas unleashes his legion of lawyers.

*Written by The Rundown

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