despite all the turkey i'm bout to eat...

I am still really, really, really ridiculously good looking...

Well, fellow lovers of c'est moi... Happy Turkey Day! This is BY FAR my absolute favorite holiday!!!

Unlike the December-I'm-gonna-get-broke-on-this-dumb-gift-i-bought-for-you-that-i-really-want-should-we-go-to-your-parents-house-or-mine-first-i-hate-you-holidays... Thanksgiving is awesome!!! It's like Christmas without the pressure (except the pressure around your jeans).

It's a holiday spent around great friends and long-time-no-seen family and its based around FOOD! No one is stressing about money or buying gifts for people that they're still not sure if they should because it's akward if they dont by you a gift even though you are broke and have to shell out money to go freeze your ass of in the snow but with all the same catering!!! Like seriously, whats better than that?

NO, I am actually asking you!

So, excuse me while I go earn my fourth blackbelt in turkey and mashed potatoes! Cheers to you and yours.

x's and oh's


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