let's do what turns you on, don't you want me...

I stumbled across the band Lovers by accident. This album is at a mellower pace but god damn I think there are some tracks on here that are sexy as hell...

Seriously "Don't You Want it" is making me swoon with idealistic romantical fantasies "Barnacle", "Figure 8", and "Boxer" are all standouts as well.

If you don't like it... ummm... ok. cool. go away then...

Here are some previews...

lovers :: don't you want it

lovers :: boxer

01 – Barnacle
02 – Figure 8
03 – Boxer
04 – Don’t You Want It
05 – Peppermint
06 – Shepherd of the Stray Hearts
07 – No Regrets
08 – To Be a Dancer (I Am Alive)
09 – The Boy Who Cried Wolf
10 – Cedar Falls

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