3 steps to perfection

:: Steve McQueen ::

a mans man - a la Mister Mcqueen. Although he was a bit rough around the edges, there is something insanely alluring/sexy/necessary about a man who just don't give a care! Although, in all reality, this alone just equals chaos with someone who is no good for conversation and a girl would/could/should only fancy (beginning probably) two drinks in.

The rugged guy who's good with his hands. Caters to her adventurous side and probably can build and fix every broken car, window, closet in his ladies' abode.

:: Townes Van Zandt ::

The guy who she really gets to "understand" through his songs. The tormented soul she hopes/thinks/longs to "save". The sensitive crooner/artistic man who will love/keep her warm through the night and really "pays attention" to all of the little things.

This guy is one the MOST underrated musicians of all time! He is also one of my favorite people that I am insanely intrigued by.

:: Jean-Paul Belmondo ::

He was in one of my favorite films, Breathless. The cynicism his characters usually embraced is both sexy, realistic, and arrogant. But not in a way that makes you want to punch him in the noggin.. the kind that intrigues a lady to delve deeper and see what makes em tick.

Although he's French, I don't particularly care for the French (nor actors generally), buuuuuuuut I adore so many things about this Euro-country:
the architecture, one of my favorite people that was kidnapped by them, their subway system, Montmarde, their pace, films, natural beauty that is appreciated,Brigitte Bardot, and their bread and milk is pretty good too!


2 parts Townes Van Zandt
2 parts Jean-Paul Belmondo
3 dashes of Steve Mcqueen


maybe this recipe was a bad idea...

Ultimately, whatever you mix to get this guy, not the one he played in movies per se, Paul Newman is my ideal dream boat- unchanged exactly as he was... in love and life.

I cried the night he passed - I think somewhere deep inside, I held hope that his 1960's self would meet up with my current-20-something-year-old self...

... weird.
ok xo

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