if it's a good marriage, it'll last till 5:30

This is one of my all time favorite movies from childhood. It was the same reference where I learned about writing, marriage, love and movie stars. Neil Simon wrote this screenplay in 1963 which was adapted from Broadway to film in 1967. When I moved to my first apartment in New York after high school, I was doorbell-less, elevator-less and five story walk up with no a/c or heat. Yet, somehow, I was as happy as a clam as I often thought of this film. I felt a connected to Cory and Paul's story every time I ordered a pizza and broke a sweat going to meet the delivery guy downstairs or when I caught a cold in my apartment because I woke up to a pile of snow on my pillow that came from some random windw crack, some other quirky happening occured.

Now I love this film for other reasons...its a testament to how different the perspectives of women and men are as they approach relationships... both arguments valid (and definitely dramatized), twisted in view by the other party, and yet, both equally important.

The Honeymoon stage : Love

The Fight : Contempt

The compromise: thus a more realistic "Happily Ever After"

Here's a timeless breakdown of how relationships work. Maybe not verbatim and of course there are discrepancies... but this my friends, is funny, classic, and a pretty decent portrayal with the happy ending-ish.



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