good bye 20's

I was thinking of all of the things "I nevered" and may be innapropriate to do in my, dare I say, thirties!!!!

Thinking aloud, I must admit, you could NEVER pay me to go through the ages 24 through 26 again... those 2 years were full of "life lessons one can only learn on their own"! But man, when I came out of it... I celebrated my arse off and (because of all the anxiety I had) was super skinny to boot (as in Kate Moss'd be proud skinny).

What didn't I do that we can justify as still being "young and impressionable"?

Well... I never:

+ had a girlfriend where I claimed, "I fell in love with the person not their gender" only to go back to dating men only.

+ backpacked around Europe and enjoyed living in and out of hostels just for the sake of "really experiencing the culture".

+ was known from my days on the reality show (blah, blah, blah).....

+ got married and divorced in the same Las Vegas "White Chapel"...

Now that I can see it all listed out... I guess I didn't miss out too much. I don't like girls "in that way, I have had the opportunity of being propositioned quite a few times... and nope, just not for me... It could be cool to share a wardrobe though..

I have been to Europe a few times and I can honestly say without shame that I am more of an "appreciator of hotels"... especially in Paris!

I know enough people from reality television... so I can live vicariously.

And if I ever do wed, he'd have to be a pretty big deal. Like fight crime or be a carpenter or something like that. I would only do it the one time so I'd have to be pretty sure...

However, I have accomplished a great many things in my day, seen a great many things, loved and have been loved by a great deal of wonderful people... maybe even been disliked too... (but that's ok), I have made mistakes, recovered, learned, matured, blah blah blah...

Point in case: I am ready for the 2nd 3rd phase of my life. It sounds exciting.

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