day 5

So continues the pain. I awoke in a groggy state feeling super confident that my ability to move about (50% more than I have since my tragic fall in the bathroom on Sunday) meant I was pretty much near the end of this New Years' journey... I have felt uncomfortably high all day. Found out that, aside from this issue, I am "much too young to have such an effed up back". I will spare you the details but in summation, my debilitating pain is the least of my worries. Apparently, my neck is what’s all messed up and usually this is what they see in patients around 18-20 years my senior. (Insert sad faces here)

Not realizing that the dose of muscle relaxers I took before sleep last night were still n full effect, I said I felt great and that hopefully I can resume bikram again.... I was met with a giggle from the nurse and a blank stare from my doctor, who told me to get to bed stat!

I guess the meds wore off about 2 hours ago because now I feel like shit again and to top it off, every time I turn around (slower than a tortoise) I knock something over. I have broken glass everywhere and cannot muster up the lumbar strength to pick it up.... eeek

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