won't be the same dear, if your not here with me

For whatever reason that makes no sense to me, I have been without a record player a majority of my Los Angeles life... going on 4 years now- I know! ITS NUTS... SO due to some reeee-donkulous circumstance: I HAVE A RECORD PLAYER. I waited 2 weeks for the right chord from Ebay and now she's spinning and ready to go! Unfortunately I only have one record in my possession and its a Christmas record! Fortunately, it is Elvis's!!!


**apparently listening to xmas records after xmas makes photos reverse**

So, I've been starting my mornings off with this... I just like the grainy sound more than anything. So, my ultimate goal this weekend is to build up my library again... I think the ones I had before that I gave away on "perma loan" have comfortably made their ways onto other peoples' lives and it would be unfair and not very karmic (?) of me to take them away from their new mommys and daddy's... so that means, new year, new collection.

This is going to be fun... Maybe I'll let you know what I ended up with...

also seems like I may need that camera... anyone have any ideas? SLR por favor

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