how can love bare to see you alone?

This year started out on the floor... literally. I couldn't walk...LITERALLY! A couple bottles of drugs, LOTS of bed rest, a giant epidural ...yeah..I said in what they give ladies about to birth a full sized child... and 12 books later, I was able to go and get my first full yoga session out of the way last night. ***sigh***

I'm not sure if it's the shorter days and longer nights, recovering and lack of social/endorphin/any interaction but I am such a homebody these days... reading and listening to records, playing piano and trying to slow down the noise.

I need a nature charge up- see some trees, smell some untouched air, lay in my backyard in Maine and look up at the sky when the sun tries to break through and barely makes its reflection to sit down by my side.

i hope sweet dreams whisk you away tonight.

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