sing me to sleep

Day 4 of bed rest and the pills I must take have me with awful dreams forcing me to wake with fret and fear... I can't really explain what I am so worried about but I know that once I realize I am no longer in a dreaming state of torment, the distance between what I have created as my home and my actual home feels greater than ever before.

I just want to sleep well and wake up when all of this is over with... when ever I would see my grandmother, after I would attack her with cuddles and kisses, I'd lay my head down in a "convenient" spot across her lap. This is univeral code in our family for "Play with my hair". There are also other poses that imply "scratch my back", "massage me please", and my personal favorite "lightly drag your fingertips across my arms"! The times that I most realize the distance are times like right now. When a stroke to my hair would put me at ease and hopefully to sleep!!!

I really do not like these drugs. I had to ask the doctor to stop prescribing me so many. And I actually went most of the day w/o taking them until I got checked by a thing known as "Ouch" but more like "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUuuuuuuuuuCHHHH!"
followed by a couple "Why!?"s and "OH MY GAWWWWDDDDD NOOOOOOOOOO"! Throw some tears and you get the gist!

Hope sleep is with you. I am here envying you!

x's and oh's


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