Et Dieu... créa la femme

When I was about 6 years old I realized what a woman was supposed to look like... what "I was going to look like" when I grew up. This included, red lips, french perfume, gold bangles, dresses, kohl eyeliner and the swaying of hips when I walked down the street in my really high heels (of course the college education matched with beyond average intelligence, charm, and a sharp tongue). My mother embodied all of these things, so naturally, I just assumed this was what we females were born with... I am still waiting for that day to come by the way. She had this natural sex appeal laced with femininity and charm that had people ready to hear anything and everything she had to say (she is still stunning- I am just sayin').

With all my heart, I mean no offense, but I am SO pro-brunette. Blondes seem more… cutesy… and capricious. Darker haired ladies always seemed more exotic with a bit of mystery. Ms. Bardot is the blonde that channels the sex appeal of a raven-haired beauty.

Of all the blondes in the world, she breaks the blonde/brunette barrier for me. When I look at her... I see no hair color.

brigitte ::

This is one of my favorite photographs, EVER! I have it framed by my 1800's french dressing table - In case you didn't understand where / how/ if it's possible to invoke her beauty on the daily... I am living proof! A framed photo and an armoire, it's all you need!

I could go on and and on about her ...

and on ...

and on ...

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  1. Great stuff MissKim. Kisses, OBDVD