sing into my mouth...

You know when you go on a roller coaster, as you start to go down the first big drop, there is this sinking feeling that comes from right underneath your chest bone and into your throat? It's like you lose your breath even though you are breathing really hard...

That feeling is constantly with me... when I witness/experience acts of kindness/compassion, seeing my loved ones do well and have genuine happiness all around them, and when I am graced with good music! Without sounding as lame as possible, I get this 3 minute body shudder where all my fears and deprecation are overcompensated with hopeful excitement and this, ‘Yes! Yes I effing can! I can do it all and I can do it well and I am gonna be amazing and I love the world and hey old lady, can I help you with your bags and hey homeless guy, take my 4 cheeseburgers cause I already ate 3 before I ran into you...' feeling!

It's a gaseous billowing cloud I inhale and just hold in my lungs.

And no! I do not smoke weed slash do hallucinogenics...But I would probably think that's what I was dealing with if I just read this post too...

These next songs really pull on my heartstrings! protection may be one of the greatest.. It’s on my top 10 list. No! TOP FOUR.... actually, three songs on here are in my TOP-10-I-don't-know-maybe-it's-in-my-top-five-list

Naive Melody crushes me!!! It’s like a GOD DAMNED lyrical assassination on my heart. The music stays capricious as the lyrics just build and build...and just when you've heard the most brilliant words formed together, the next line comes and kicks you in the face with rainbows and pain! *made sense to me*

There are many songs that I believe are up to par, and depending on my mood, (my taste changes accordingly, of course) some songs fit perfectly in certain times/situations/moods, however, I have yet to hear a song that knocks me to my knees after hearing it on repeat for 20 years straight, despite my times/situations/moods! I am open to debate... but you would have to pose a pretty strong argument...

'Home is where I want to be/Pick me up and turn me round/I feel numb, born with a weak heart/I guess I must be having fun/The less we say about it the better/Make it up as we go along/Feet on the ground, head in the sky/It's okay, I know nothing's wrong/Hey, I got plenty of time/Hey, you got light in your eyes/And you're standing here beside me/Out of the passing of time/Never for money, always for love/Cover up and say goodnight, say goodnight/Home is where I want to be/But I guess I'm already there/I come home, she lifted up her wings/I guess that this must be the place/I can't tell one from another/Did I find you, or you find me? /There was a time before we were born/If someone asks, this where I'll be, where I'll be...

(*Here’s the best part coming next!! I boldfaced the take-my-breath-away lyrics)

Hey, we drift in and out/Hey, sing into my mouth/Out of all those kinds of people/You got a face with a view/I'm just an animal looking for a home/Share the same space for a minute or two/And you'll love me 'til my heart stops/Love me 'til I'm dead/Eyes that light up, eyes look through you/Cover up the blank spots/Hit me on the head'

I mean... REALLY!? It is effing GENIUS perfected!

I think every parent should give their sons this next song as a guide before sending them out into the world to become men. I don’t believe it has been articulated any better than this…

I listen to this on my birthday EVERY YEAR, ALL DAY! My favorite Elvis song! Hands DOWN!

ANOTHER LYRICAL GENIUS! But that’s just a given..who doesn’t love lovin’?

I don’t need to say a damned thing about this one. I think we all feel the same.

I just thought I would share with you a major branch on the tree of my life...

What gets to you? What are your favorite songs?

Love you, mean it!


p.s. I just gave you a bomb ass playlist, I suggest you minimize the window in the corner of your computer so the big boss man doesn't see it and play each one - begining to end!

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