he's the devil in he self

We tend to have a hard time understanding other ways of life when they don't mirror our own...Sometimes, the discrepancies are so vast (between what we know as reality and what we are witnessing as someone else's reality) that we become completely flabbergasted!

Here is a little bio on Mr. White from his website::

Nestled deep within the heart of the mountains of Boone County, West Virginia reigns a King. The King - Jesco White, The Dancing Outlaw. Jesco is a living legend. The last of the Mountain Dancers, his style is unique to the mountain culture. Resembling tap dancing, it's a tradition passed down from father to son - as were his dancing shoes. His dance floor? An 8 by 4 piece of plywood or the roof of his canine companion Duke's doghouse.

His venue? The front yard, the den of Jesco's and Norma Jean's trailer, or any place the spirit moves.

But dancing isn't the only phenomenon that emanates from the cabin. On quiet nights, legend has it, you can hear the echoes of vintage Elvis tunes careening off the walls of Jesco's Elvis room and through the mountains of Boone county. Jesco belts out Elvis tunes as only a true King can. It's a beautiful thing, man.

Jesco's unique mountain wisdom and talents (and tattoos) have not gone unnoticed. His jewels of wisdom are downright profound. His talents have made him the subject of two documentary films and scored him an appearance with Dweezil Zappa ("Weezil" as Jesco puts it) as a country cousin on the "The Roseanne Show." (The tattoos were a big hit, just ask Tom Arnold.)

Ladies and gentleman... I present Jesco White! You can thank me later...

Jesco on marriage and gettin his eggs done right ::

the world according to Jesco White ::

You are welcome!

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