gimme five, Its APRIL 15th!

Eff taxes... It's NATIONAL HIGH FIVE DAY!!!

No... seriously! They have a website ::

Do you remember your first high five?

It's all kind of a blur for me, but my first recollections are of my uncle and cousins' gestures with their hands (back in the day we were a strictly ESL household) to 'give em 5' and then they would smack my cheek (not hard.. i was 4 years old) and say, "And here is the change, eh?" But with a SUPER emphasized accent.

I started getting in trouble for slapping faces whenever a cash exchange occurred.

Anyways, this is kind of the funniest thing I have seen in a week...

More to come



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  1. Hilarious!! I watched the video with Quin and he didn't know what the hell was going on!! I think it scared him!