music to my ears

I try to never judge people: by their decisions / clothing / circumstances / mistakes / triumphs / life choices / etc
BUT I must admit :: sometimes I judge... I am a music snob!

I noticed that I (sometimes) try to figure people out by their music taste and how they connect to songs / musicians / bands (maybe this applies to movies as well). If I feel very passionate about a certain song / musician / band and someone else hates it, I have been known to take it personally. What is that all about? It's not like I wrote / sang / invented it or, maybe even, will remember 2 minutes later.

When someone compliments your outfit, you say, “Thank you” (well, the civilized people do) but you didn’t make the clothes (to all of you talented crafty folks, I’m speaking about the majority of the population that purchases their wardrobes)! You did, however, find the clothes and, for some reason or another, decided they should be yours. It's because of this that you are getting all these great compliments! That doesn’t really happen with music. We don’t own the music like we do the clothes or furniture or car or whatever else we buy, but when you share an EAR-GASM-WORTHY musical selection, I believe that praise should be given as if you are wearing it like a sick ass outfit...


washed out :: feel it all around

bear in heaven :: lovesick teenagers

department of eagles :: no one does it like you

the knife :: neon

wild nothing :: promise

groove armada :: cards to your heart

the big pink :: a brief history of love

camera obscura :: my maudlin career

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  1. I judge on peoples taste in movies. It starts if you have seen the movie, and then it goes to, how did you feel about it. And lastly did you like it.