gotta have Faith

I have always had an awkward relationship with France… an incredible disdain matched with debilitating fascination for the place. Every time I have stepped foot into a social setting over there, I never really felt welcomed (maybe being called an ‘Arab’ and ‘a spoiled American’ put a bad taste in my mouth when I asked this French guy for the time). With that being said, the country is so beautiful, every little step you take (a la Bobby Brown...yeah...I went there!) it’s as if you were placed in a black and white romantic kissy poster, usually found in flower shops and cafes in Pasadena... It also seems as though anyone born on French soil, was given a beauty shot at birth (every person walking down the street is more and more beautiful). Their cuisine is unmatched, the music aint bad, and don’t get me started on the shopping!!!

Basically, I am trying to say that I have always felt this need to go to France even though, I don’t really want to… So, I guess I have to arrange that pretty soon.

This is Faith. I miss her… Paris stole her away from me and she has yet to return.

I have had this trend in my life where I meet these amazing beautiful people that come crashing into my life… then poof
they are g o n e

Faith is stunning, not only to look at but in here (I just pointed to my heart). You know that phrase, “Live every day like it’s your last”? Well, this girl pretty much invented that. She is down to do anything at any time. She lives with no regrets. I envy that… I have regrets, especially that doughnut from yesterday (OK OK…Im letting it go). She’s jovial. People just love her and are easily drawn in. I have yet to meet someone who was not intrigued by this girl. She’s just got that thing that doesn’t have anamebutwishyouhadit.

Well, I miss her and our lazy / not lazy / fun / don’t remember debaucheries. I found her at a time in my life where I just couldn’t tap into myself. I was (willingly) displaced and listening to a lot of Mazzy Star. eek . She threw some balance into my life and woke me up a little bit. She doesn’t know that- well maybe she does now (I doubt she’s read this masterpiece of a blog). I hope to one day have a more convenient geographical setting in which to continue this romantic friendship.

xs and ohs


these sounds are made in france ::

brigitte bardot ::

air ::

cocoon ::

charlotte gainsbourg ::

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