and now, a brief message...

I wanted to write, "And now, a brief message from our sponsors," but that's just dumb and now I have already mentioned it and I can't seem to back pedal anymore out of this sentence...eek!

Remember how I said last week that there was a strange energy in the air? Of course not...b/c YOU NEVER remember anything I tell you- we may need to seek counseling together- I really want "us" to work it out. (I thought that was pretty funny, CLEARLY, I haven't slept since Friday night). Anywho, I felt some strange energy that induced me with insomnia-to-the-worst-degree, thinking I was just Mercury-went-retrograde agro, buuuuuuut it wasn't.

I am on nightwatch right now...and can not sleep.... Getting old is no fun! YOU HEARD IT HERE! It's the most heartbreaking thing ever... EVER, EVER! It is so strange how many people have told me amidst their breakups (especially those POWER BALLAD heart wrenching GREAT WHITE BUFFALO- iwillneverbreatheagain splits) that they feel like their significant other (well... EX-S.O.- eek!) has died. So...I find it bizarre that, when someone's life is fleeting and they are soon in their last moments of breath, it feels like they are breaking up with you. Some people just should never NOT exist. I have the perfect woman in mind, currently with breaking hearts all around her, and mine is no exception. I'd elaborate more...but I don't really feel like it.

Long story short, I sweet talked a nurse into giving me the wifi password. HOLLErrrrr r r r r r r r

I will be back soon- so dont start throwing sharp objects at your computer in frustration... I know, I know... I missed you too...ALL 12 of you!!!


Have /listen/whatevs with some music..
The Antlers Live On WPGU: the217.com

My dedications :: (I will add the videos when I can- the network won't allow it- strict hospital! pshaw)

Dirty Projectors :: USEFUL CHAMBER

The Beatles :: I NEED YOU

Bloc Party :: SIGNS

Antlers :: TWO

Dusty Springfield :: I CAN'T MAKE IT ALONE


The Cure :: PICTURES (duh!)

State Radio :: KEEPSAKE


DeVotchka :: HOW IT ENDS

Love you, mean it!!



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