pitter patter goes my heart...

I effing love this band.

I am speaking of the six piece (mostly) clan from Toronto, the melodists of my heart: Broken Social Scene. I am ride or die for these guys! I have justified relationships that I endured much longer than the cosmos intended with the rationale, “He forgot my birthday… BUT! He did put Lovers Spit on that mix for me”.

They are consistently mixing it up. Male vocals backed by heavy horns, sultry strings backed by a seductively charged female vocal, and really sic drum beats (based on my wonderfully creative adjectives, you can tell I am musically inclined, huh?)! The thing I love about their records slash albums are the layers! There are so many damned layers that every time you listen, there is something new to be discovered! It’s a candy store for my ears.

Like previous BSS masterpieces, this one is heavily laden, instrumentally speaking, with an abundance of wood and stringed instrumentals. This new EP gets me closer and closer to heaven track by track! It is one of the most interesting and exciting albums I have heard. Its dense and complex, but also has a capricious, free spirit running throughout it! says ::
"Although we've gotten several solo albums and plenty of tours out of everyone's favorite multi-member indie collective, it was five years ago that Broken Social Scene last released a full-length album. Forgiveness Rock Record ends the wait. It features a leaner line-up than did Broken Social Scene, relying mostly on the contributions of only six members: singer/guitarist Kevin Drew, singer/guitarist Andrew Whiteman, guitarist Charles Spearin, guitarist Sam Goldberg, singer/bassist Brendan Canning, and drummer Justin Peroff. Of course, it wouldn't be a BSS affair without some superstar guests contributing their two cents; this go-round includes Feist, Metric's Emily Haines, and members of Stars, the Sea and Cake, and Tortoise, among others. First single "World Sick" delivers on the album's epic promise, hinting at more opulent, guitar-laden fun to come."

Listen to the full EP 'Forgiveness Rock Record' here via NPR ::

01 New Instructions
02 Sudden Foot Loss
03 Shabba Lights
04 Song for Dee
05 Eling's Haus
06 Professor Sambo
07 Never Felt Alive
08 Paperweight Room
09 Turbo Mouse
10 Far Out

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