I got hacked. Apparently, everyone I have EVER emailed, EVER, was sent a link to viagra and other helpful medications. It reached out to LITERALLY EVERYONE in my contacts, not limited to previous classmates, previous and current colleagues, my bosses, friends, foe, FAMILY - both young and old, past loves... OH! And THEIR FAMILIES too.

There is this strange creepy feeling in the air. Like something really BIG and not pleasant is coming...Maybe it's the mentality we have here in Los Angeles, that fears any weather that does not include sunshine. This anticipation and fear that you-know-what could come at any moment...orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... Maybe, I am just paranoid!!

I should sleep instead of dreading the phone call to my 68 year old pops explaining that I DO NOT think he may need a VIAGRA-TYPE-SUPPLEMENT! oh man..

silja magg

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