friends forever

As you would probably guess from my amazing blogging skills, I am also kind of the most amazing friend you've ever met...

I'm like a triple threat (3rd amazing quality of mine will be shared some day soon.. I dont want to overshadow this post!)

In high school, I was never really part of a group per se, not a preppy kid, not a stoner or a hippy, not the ski bum, nor the jock... I was more of a "floater". I would grace a little bit on top of each of the groups. I was friendly with everyone, therefore everyone was pretty cool with me and I, obviously, with them!

It became quite interesting when I would get stuck between two opposing groups that wanted to fight each other...EEK!

I would be like, "Yeah she's slutty but really sweet. I mean clearly she only slept with your bf because she's insecure, not to get you mad at her! Obviously she is not a fighter but a lover.. lets go make a ruckus in Biology!"

*This never worked by the way

This is what my friendships look to outsiders...

Tarra and Bella::

Moses and Cassie::

Suryia the Orangutan and Roscoe::

Owen and Mzee::


  1. I lived and traveled through Massai grasslands in Tanzania in 2001. My friend Imanuel on the trip, who used to be a Massai warrior, nicknamed me Mzee which means "elder" in Kiswahili because I was the only non Massai on the trip that had a Massai walking stick (carried by all elders) that I stumbled upon abandoned in the middle of the Savana. I have it to this day. Check my facebook for pictures of me with it.

  2. "...lets go make a ruckus in biology" AND this is why I adore you!