they dont love you like I love you

I know a lot of people with 5/10/14 year plans. Like as in, “In my life, in 5/10/14 years, I will be married with 3 point 4 kids and a husbands who works an awfully amazing job and tells me how pretty I am 17x per day. Also, I will have a career as an executive while having manicured hair and fingers while wearing white cotton dresses everyday and never getting it dirty!”

Ummm… I can’t even plan drinks at the bar downstairs of my building with my neighbor friends…and all that involves is an elevator ride to floor 1 and 15 paces forward.

Every once in a while I will see a photograph that makes me get those buttery- fly feelings right in my guts. This seems way more desirable to my future affections...

Don't force people to give more than they are willing to offer.

(vintage lesbians::)

The New Pornographers :: Up In the Dark

Foals :: Olympic Airways

Beach House :: Norway

Stone Roses :: I Wanna be Adored

jj no 2 :: My Love

LCD Soundsystem :: You Wanted A Hit

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