hot as a fever, rattling bones

You know how some people will try to express how good a musician / artist / comedian / brilliant humanoid is by using the phrase “HE/SHE is a musicians’ (artists’ or comedians’ or brilliant humanoids’) musician (or artist or comedian or brilliant humanoid)!” <*most often, I am referenced as the latter> ... That's who Sasha Grey is.

Yes, yes, she has intercourse with multiple strangers, most often at one time (15 strangers once) for pay and ON FILM, often referred to as Pornography...BUT as far as that goes, she's like the every man's porn star. She claims that she was never "violated" in her youth, thus forcing her to have JUST a healthy sexual appetite with a lust for pain.. causing and inflicting...hmm..not so sure ABOUT THAT ONE (ahem...*cough *cough) but whatevs...

Anyways, I like her...She likes French film and has her own mission statement (*YES, I said Mission Statement)::

James Jean did these ::

James Jean didn't do these ::



    hey check out my photography. not the beginning just the end.