there are no eskimos in iceland

I love Björk and her Icelandic brain! She is a GENIUS!

Björk… She don’t give a care about nuthin’

She has consistently been on my life’s soundtrack, despite my mood / geographical location / circumstance /age. Her unorthodox composition makes me wonder if she is autistic because she is that fucking brilliant! I wish I had an autistic artists brain…

I guess I will have to settle with my winning personality *sigh

I look up to those who at first (and 2nd, 3rd through 500th) introduction, appear to the general public as “weird, strange, idontgetitgoawaynowandgivemebackstreetboys” and can turn that judgment as a skeleton off which we base the arts from. The general, moldable public (no offense, I really like you, I’m talking about the ones that still think ‘whattheythinkisnormal') are the armies to which innovative artists must battle against.

With enough paid dues, ladies and fair gents such as lil miss over here, convince smaller minds to broaden. They become legendary.

Genius Björk as seen by Genius Glen Luchford ::

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