how's your stamp, tramp?

Unfortunately, when I think/ see/ hear the word butterflies, the only thing that conjures in my brain are tramp stamp tattoos and Mariah Carey (she has an obsess much? obsession with the little buggers and a tattoo in their honor strategically placed on her lower back).

I wonder how many people are out there, right now, being talked into / out of the glorious experience...

Due to the fact that my brain has been severely impressed upon, I never think of art nouveau in correlation with the fuzzy flyers until I start thumbing through one of my Grasset/ Beardsley / Mucha books and begin to remember how beautiful and beautifully depicted they have been throughout the ages, sans tattoo needle and ink.

I am trying to retrain my thinking process to stop "BUTTERFLY = EWWzeeez" mentality.

The 1920's and 30's were graced with butterflies, like so ::

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