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The Virgin Suicides...

It's as if the whole film is in Sepia tone ::

When I play back bits from the movie in my head, I can’t recall as much dialogue as I can still images. It moves slowly… but somehow reminds me of going through an old photo album of someone you once loved.

The tragic events that occur throughout director, Sophia Coppola’s first film, have a dreamy romanticism that takes part of the sadness away. It’s a timeless story filtered through a hazy lens. As effed up as that sounds… eek, you are judging me now, huh?

The music, scored by the Frenchies AIR (FAVE-sies), is evocative and sweet and brings visuals of black cherries in syrup to mind…don’t get it? They are dark and sour sweet (very sexy) :: I am middle eastern, what do you want / expect from me?!

This may be one of the best soundtracks EVER, yeah I said it... 'A recent sojourn reveals what makes good music (and soundtracks) great. Majestic and fragile, epic and intimate, The Virgin Suicides encompasses contrasting moods and tones adhered by several recurring themes. Indisputably Air's finest work, they take their trademark style and apply it on a much grander level to great effect.. '

Air :: Playground Love

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